"Lexi & Nate's Wedding"
August 24, 2009

Hi Vicki, EVERYBODY LOVED the cake and cupcakes! People are still talking about them! They all looked just perfect! You really took the ideas we gave you and ran with them and they were just beautiful. I honestly only had the bites of cake we had when we cut our cake, but right after the first one we had to take another one because it was so good. I know Nate had a cupcake the next day and he loved it. It was very moist and the flavors were great. Everyone really liked the chocolate in the middle too. :)

Thanks so much for everything!!!

"A New Tool Box for Scott"
November 17, 2008

Hey, Vicki,

Just wanted to let you know that everyone LOVED the cake (looks, flavor, moistness, filling, etc).

Thanks again!!

"Chris' Carrot Cake"
October 2, 2008

Hi Vicki,

I just have to say thanks a lot for spoiling me on the carrot cake you made for Demery's every piece of carrot cake I have doesn't taste good anymore since I've had yours! I love carrot cake and I got a small one for Karen [from a local store] (she loves carrot cake too, and her b-day is tomorrow) and the cake tasted just okay...I've probably had carrot cake from 4-5 places since I've had yours and they don't compare at all...they almost taste bad now! LOL. :-)

So if you ever make a chocolate cake (my favorite) don't tell me because I don't want to live the rest of my life where every chocolate cake is a disappointment! :-)

Debra :-)

"Queen Bee's Birthday Cake"
September 15, 2008

Hi Vicki,

The cake was awesome! My mom loved the little bees, especially the one with the crown!!! The cake was moist, the raspberry filling tasted great and the decorations were so cute! We all decided it must have taken you hours to create such a wonderful cake. And...we all wondered how you have the time to do this with a full time job, a home, husband and a little one to take care of?????

Thank you so much for making my mom's birthday cake!

Kind regards,

"Domino's Pizza IT Cake"
September 9, 2008

Hi Vicki,

The cake was AWESOME!!! It was a huge success, everyone loved it. Then, they tasted it and loved it even more!

Thank you so much for doing this for us, it was great.


"Dave's Race Car Cake"
August 31, 2008

Hello Vicki - the cake was a hit! So wonderfully decorated and very yummy! I will keep you in mind for next occassion!

Hope you are having a great